Win your way to the 2018 FIFA World Cup TM thanks to VISA

Terms & Conditions for Participation in the Draw:

-    Campaign Validity: Campaign begins on January 15 and ends on March 31, 2018.

-    Eligible Cardholders: all VISA (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) cardholders from all over the world.

-    Entries and Eligibility:
o    A cumulative spending amount of USD 150/day on the same card at any Beirut Duty Free (BDF) POS, allows the cardholder for a single entry into the draw;
o    Multiple cumulative spending purchases on any BDF POS, on the same card allows the cardholder for multiple draw entries (USD 300/day/card equals 2 draw entries, USD 450/day/card equals 3 draw entries and so forth).

-    Draw Prizes:  2 Packages for 2 persons; each package includes:
(For the Round of 16 in Saint Petersburg and the Quarter Final in Moscow)
o   2 Economy Airline Tickets/package    
o   Airport Meet & Greet Service    
o   5day/4nightDeluxe Hotel Accommodation incl. daily breakfast    
o   Event Transportation to/from all scheduled events    
o   $450 VISA Prepaid Card/package     

-    Draw Date:  2nd week of April 2018.

-    Eligible Winners: Winners must be 16 years old and above.

-    Notification of Winners: Winners will be contacted by areeba or the issuer bank following the Draw date.

-    Exclusions: Draw Prizes are subject to the Terms and Conditions set by VISA and areeba; any additional cost is to be bore by the Winners.

Terms & Conditions for the VISA FIFA World Cup Package 2018 (“The Package”):

-    The Package is valid for the winner and his travel partner (The Winner); both must be 16 years or above to be able to qualify and win this Package.

-    The Package is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferrable. No refund or cash disbursement will be made by the areeba in the event of no-show/cancellation by The Winner.

-    areeba makes no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning the Package. This Package is awarded to The Winner based on the terms and conditions set exclusively by VISA. Areeba bears no responsibility in the event of any cancellation or withdrawal from the package by VISA of VISA affiliated entities.  In such an event, no cash payment or replacement will be made by the Company.

-    areeba shall not be responsible in the event of any change to the plan or program of the Package resulting from any action or omission by the authorities of the Russian Federation. In addition, areeba shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from an event of Force Majeure which is external to areeba, unforeseeable and beyond its control, for failure to provide all services included in the Package on the agreed dates.

-    Tickets to the Package, whether awarded as a prize and/or are included as part of a promotion, must be accepted as awarded and are subject to all of the applicable terms and conditions prescribed to such tickets from time to time by FIFA. Such terms and conditions are contained in the general terms and conditions for the use of tickets and the stadium code of conduct (which can be reviewed at By accepting tickets as a prize and/or as a part of a promotion, The Winner is deemed to have accepted all of the applicable terms and conditions, whether set by FIFA, VISA and/or areeba.

-    This Package does not include the following items, which are incurred by The winner at his own costs and responsibility. areeba shall bear no liability and responsibility whatsoever in relation to the following excluded items:
o   Domestic flights, train tickets, transportation fees, car rentals, international driving licenses fees or other travel related costs within Russia.
o   Travel Visa, and other travel related expenses.
o    Visa acceptance by the Russian official authorities.
o   Translation services.
o   Athlete appearances.
o   Long distance phone calls, room service, laundry, hotel services, loss of goods, damages to hotel property, or any other expense or liability incurred by You.
o   Personal expenses not expressly included in the Package (shopping, transportation fees outside organized Package tours, food expenses etc.).
o   Any activity conducted outside the organized events.
o   Insurance coverage during the stay and travel insurance.
o   Any personal tax, customs or duties (excluding airport travel taxes) incurred by You during the event period.
o   Any personal liability resulting from your act or omission and any contravention to the laws of the Russian Federation during the event period.

- areeba is not responsible to make any reservation (hotel, tickets etc..) in relation to this Package. All reservations related to this Package are made directly by VISA.

-    The Winner will not make any public publicity or advertisement in relation to the Packages referring to the name of areeba or its logo in a manner that can harm the name and/or reputation of areeba, through any means or forum whatsoever, including on social media.

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