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  • About us

    We are a financial technology company driven forward by the innovative approach of changing the way payments are made.
    areeba creates smarter, faster, and seamless means of payment for banks, financial institutions, merchants, governments and individuals in order for them to take their businesses further.

    We embrace the current fast-paced technological revolution and rapidly evolving trends, to ultimately offer our customers a unique range of innovative payment services and loyalty programs, locally and regionally.

    While benching on our cutting edge expertise, solid financial profile, and operational flexibility, we have the confidence to step into the Middle East and African markets with new technologies that aim to facilitate cashless payments.

    Launched in April 2017, areeba is part of M1 Group, the leading operating firm in the region. Listed on the list of registered Financial Institutions under number 17; it is fully regulated and licensed as a financial institution by the Central Bank of Lebanon on March 3, 2017. It is a principal member of the Mastercard and Visa network, as well as having a strategic partnership with American Express and Discover Global Network.
    • 2006
      The launch of the 1st Government Mastercard card in South Asia, Middle East and Africa region (SAMEA) back in 2006
    • The launch of the Middle East Cedar Miles Mileage program, one of the most successful loyalty programs to have ever been created in Lebanon by a Bank, in partnership with Lebanon’s national Air Carrier Middle East Airlines.
    • The introduction of Tap2Pay contactless payment solutions (cards, mobile, wearables, and watches) in Lebanon and in the region.
  • Mission & vision

    • To provide smart, efficient, and secure payment products and processing capabilities to banks, merchants, governments and individuals.
    • To achieve leadership in the financial technology domain in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Our values

    • Innovation

      Integrating solutions to support non-traditional payment flows.
    • Customer centric

      Optimizing the user experience by creating seamless payment solutions.
    • Trust

      Relentlessly enhancing the security of transactions.
    • Quality

      Providing high-value products and services and employing the best practices to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Expertise

      Working with a comprehensive team of seasoned professionals with a clear vision on future payment trends.
    • Integrity

      Conducting business with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics to build a solid foundation with our clients.
    • Collaboration

      Working with partners to introduce new innovations.

    Added values

    • Independence

      areeba is a totally independent entity, unaffected by any third party and free to take its own direction. However, it benefits from its affiliation to M1, who are known for their extensive telecommunications expertise, by getting a wide exposure to evolving technologies and gaining market leadership.
    • Infrastructure

      With the leading suppliers as its collaborators in the fields of digital payment software platforms, e-commerce back-end management, and card embossing and production, areeba is able to run its business seamlessly and offer pioneering services to its customers that make them stand out. Additionally, areeba guarantees you comprehensive security and safety through its fully functional Disaster Recovery (DR) site in Lebanon, and through the adequate measures it is always ready to take to ensure connectivity with all payment schemes.
    • Technology

      We are always up-to-speed with the latest payment innovations and we’re constantly investing in cutting-edge technologies.

      With more than 5,000 new contactless POS terminals that accept contactless payments, the latest payment mode, we have already started reshaping the payment industry with the introduction of the HCE (Host Card Emulation) on both Visa & Mastercard.
    • Security

      Protecting all our clients’ data is our priority. We ensure the highest level of security standards are set in place to maintain a secure environment.

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