We enable seamless commerce and card processing for businesses of all sizes and types.

We want to help you launch your business and witness it grow, whether online, in-store or on the go. Get the adequate solution to suit you and accept payments that your customers want.
  • In-store payment

    In-store payment
    areeba offers a comprehensive selection of Point of Sale terminals that provide your business with secure solutions for accepting all card types in addition to the latest payment options - near-field-communication (NFC), mobile and contactless transactions. Our in-store POS terminals are ideal for businesses who require an all-in-one device that can be used as customer-facing device.
    In addition to that, areeba can connect your cash register to its POS terminal allowing you to streamline the transaction and reduce errors resulting from entering a wrong amount on the POS machine. In fact, amounts are transmitted directly to the payment terminal, speeding up the entire checkout process and allowing you to complete more transactions and move customers quickly through the checkout line. 
  • On-the-go payment

    On-the-go payment
    Our Wireless POS terminals are ideal for businesses who want to take payments at a distance by bringing terminals directly to customers. When traditional connectivity is a problem, areeba’s wireless terminals have got you covered with 3 modern options: Bluetooth, GPRS and wifi. 
    areeba Wireless POS terminals are suitable for restaurants, delivery services, taxi companies, exhibitions and events, gas stations, ...
  • Online & in-app payment

    Online & in-app payment
    Thinking of taking your business online? Our secure and reliable e-commerce payment gateway simplifies and secures online payment processing, so that you expand your business beyond your regional boundaries. areeba’s payment gateway is easily integrated with your site to provide your customers with a streamline payment experience that is constantly riding the wave of improvement. It accepts payments made with all major card brands while protecting online transactions from fraud thanks to the “Verified by Visa", "Mastercard Secure Code” and “Amex Safe Key” security systems services.  
    areeba offers your online business the latest security technology Tokenization which is ideal for the "Recurrent Payment" and "Easy Checkout" features.
  • Self service payment

    Self service payment
    No more waiting in long queues to pay thanks to areeba’s unattended kiosks payment solution which create new business opportunities with improved transaction efficiency as well as enhanced customer experience. We help businesses prepare for the future by enabling secure acceptance of all payment methods without the need of a cashier or an attendant. Designed with self-serve operations to deliver swift and trouble-free transactions, these payment acceptance machines are ideal for movie theaters, parking authorities, hospitals, schools and university boards and retailers.
  • 24/7 Merchant hotline support

    24/7 Merchant hotline support
    We’re here to help, whenever, and with whatever you need. We offer a 24/7 transaction authorization hotline, a dedicated merchant services hotline, an on-site staff training and responsive technical support, to give you full service support at all times.
  • Flexible & fast payment settlement

    Flexible & fast payment settlement

    We are flexible with our services and we cater to your needs by adopting simple and efficient ways. As a unique advantage of dealing with areeba, merchants will have the option to receive their payment directly, promptly have it credited to their account at their preferred bank, or through a cheque.

  • Highest security features

    Highest security features
    Security is our prime concern and our payment solutions ensure all this data is safe and sound from the business and consumer side alike.

    Our POS terminals carry the latest secure norms and function using the most advanced security features while our online payment gateway protects you as a merchant against fraud through Verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure Code and Amex Safe Key.
  • Tokenization

  • Analytics & reporting

    Analytics & reporting
    areeba can provide you with comprehensive analytics and reporting services enabling you to manage your business effectively. Get a broad range of standard reports that are fast and easy to run through, either for immediate review, or to be delivered according to your specifications and needs. We are here to help you use your own payment data to identify sales trends and seize opportunities for growth.

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