Thanks to areeba, governments, as well as public sector institutions and local agencies are provided with the latest payment technologies, whilst guaranteeing the best security measures.

  • Prepaid product perfection

    Prepaid product perfection
    We handle all your payment processing needs safely and securely thanks to our reloadable prepaid cards solutions:
    • Payroll Card: pay your employees through a secure card.
    • Corporate Card: streamline your business expenses by providing your employees with a card that covers their business expenses.
    • Travel Card: provide your employees with a tool to pay for their business trips in a simple and secure way.
    • Incentive Card: the perfect payment tool for promotions and incentives.
  • Consultancy services

     Consultancy services
    Our consultancy services gather all of the experience, knowledge and best practices to help governmental institutions deliver a unique and modern payment experience. When you partner with us you’ll benefit from:
    • A trusted partner to governments and businesses
    • Proven experience in card and mobile payment
  • Risk & fraud management

    Risk & fraud management
    Online safety is our priority, especially when it comes to the citizens’ bank information. Our most advanced fraud monitoring tools and systems enable you to reduce your fraud losses by detecting, tracking, analyzing, and reporting any suspicious card activities in accordance with the best global payment industry practices.
  • High security features

    High security features
    areeba provides the highest and most advanced security features on its online payment platform, that provides the citizens with the possibility to settle all sort of government bills online and facilitate their lives.
    • 3D Secure: an authenticated payment system, also known as "Three Domain Technology" which provides cardholders with a password that secures his/her identity when shopping online.
    • Tokenization: securely stores the cardholders’ payment data and replaces it with an encrypted token that can be used to charge subsequent payments.
  • Analytics & reporting solutions

    Analytics & reporting solutions
    areeba can provide you with detailed information and analytics on key performance indicators; as well as ability to generate customized reports.

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