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  • Complete card management solution

    Complete card management solution
    areeba uses a comprehensive, scalable and flexible card management solution that supports all aspects of the issuing business. Via its robust and secure platform, areeba provides: card management, BIN sponsoring, authorization, clearing and settlement, dispute management, billing, statements, card procurement and risk management. areeba supports the issuing of chip cards and contactless cards including:
    • Domestic and International cards
    • Revolving credit cards
    • Charge cards
    • Debit cards
    • Installment cards
    • Islamic cards
    • Business and corporate cards
    • Prepaid and gift cards
  • Mobile & contactless payment

    Mobile & contactless payment
    With our innovative and secure technology platforms, areeba supports banks by offering a wide variety of contactless and mobile payment types allowing them to quickly launch the latest innovative digital products.
    • areeba’s mobile and contactless products use the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows customers to make contactless transactions through a card, a sticker, a watch or a bracelet.  
    • We also use the breakthrough technology HCE (host card emulation) which enables banks to create their own mobile wallet allowing their cardholders to store multiple cards on their smartphone to perform secure contactless payments.
  • Instant issuance solution

    Instant issuance solution
    At areeba, we take pride in providing efficient instant issuance services to facilitate the convenient delivery of debit cards to the customer at the bank branch level, to insure a seamless integration with client systems.
  • Risk & fraud management

    Risk & fraud management
    Online safety is our priority, especially when it comes to the customers’ bank information. Our most advanced fraud monitoring tools and systems enable banks to reduce their fraud losses by detecting, tracking, analyzing, and reporting any suspicious card activities in accordance with the best global payment industry practices.
    • Real-time monitoring 24/7
    • Fraud reduction by using SMS alerts & 3D Secure service 
    • Swift identification of potential fraud & rapid implementation
  • High security features

    High security features
    areeba protects the issuing bank, the cardholder, and the merchant against fraudulent transactions, thanks to the highest and most advanced security features, such as:
    • EMV CHIP technology on card payment.
    • 3D Secure: an authenticated payment system, also known as “"Three Domain Technology", which provides cardholders with a password that secures his/her identity when shopping online.
    • Tokenization: securely stores the customer’s payment data and replaces it with an encrypted token that can be used to charge subsequent payments.
  • 24/7 Contact center

    24/7 Contact center
    Our focus on product knowledge and quality service adds significant value to the banks. If you are looking for an outsourced contact center that can deliver an excellent support for your cardholders, areeba can provide you with a high standard contact service 24/7/365.
  • Analytics & reporting solutions

    Analytics & reporting solutions
    Our analytics and reporting solutions are designed to help banks optimize their card business strategy and improve their portfolio performance.

    areeba can provide you with detailed information and analytics on key performance indicators, as well as the ability to generate customized reports.
  • Consultancy services

    Consultancy services
    Our consultancy and marketing services take your business beyond its basic initiation. We collaborate with banks to align their product offering with the requirements of the market. areeba offers your business consulting services from targeted promotions to innovative payment solutions to maximize your revenues.
  • ATM switching & routing, and transaction processing

    ATM switching & routing, and transaction processing
    We highly provide scalable and robust ATM switching, and support ATM connectivity with the international schemes such as Visa & MasterCard.
  • Merchant sales services for banks’ corporate clients

    Merchant sales services for banks’ corporate clients
    As the biggest player in Lebanon, one of our added value is the payment acceptance solutions that we offer to any of the banks' corporate clients. Local banks should feel at ease when opening up about their corporate clients given that areeba is an independent company (and not a competing bank) and has no interest in the banks'  corporate accounts other than providing payment acceptance services. This is one of our flexible offers that doesn't require any bank to have a full acquiring service agreement signed to benefit from this service.

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